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Anstar Ltd Hosts Jiuri New Materials' Distributor Day Event! 🌟

In June 2024, Anstar Ltd proudly hosted Jiuri New Materials' Distributor Day Event!


Jiuri are the world's largest Photoinitiator manufacturer, and as their European sales team and exclusive distributor in the UK, Anstar were thrilled to welcome some of our EU distributors, including Euro Chemicals, Eurosyn, Oqema and Novasol, for an action packed three day event.


This event was also the perfect opportunity for Anstar to introduce our first in-house product, AnBarr A510, a premium polymeric acrylated amine made from 100% REACH registered and Swiss Listed monomers, ideal for food packaging inks, varnishes, and industrial coatings.


Day One: Introductions 👋

Our event began with an introductory talk from Mr. He (Jiuri's Global Sales Director). His opening talk set the basis for the exciting days ahead, diving into UV applications such as inks, 3D printing, and nail gels. The day was filled with insightful presentations and live demonstrations by Anstar's sales managers, who shared their extensive expertise. We wrapped up the first day with a delightful three course banquet at the venue, giving everyone a chance to mix and socialise.

Day Two: Inks and Coatings 🖌️


We delved deeper into the inks industry, focusing specifically on the challenges associated with curing colours and whites. Our technical experts led detailed sessions, shedding light on these complex processes. The afternoon was dedicated to exploring coatings, including the challenges of replacing benzophenones and alpha amino ketones. To end the day we hopped on a train to Manchester city centre and enjoyed a fantastic dinner at Bundobust, a local Indian restaurant and brewery. It was the perfect way to unwind and enjoy some local flavour!🚂🍻

Day Three: Niche Applications 🔍


The final day of the event revealed the niche applications of UV technology, including solder masks, release coatings, and pressure-sensitive adhesives. Our experts demonstrated the innovative uses of Jiuri’s products, igniting ideas and discussions among our distributors. This day underscored the versatility and vast potential of UV technology across various industries.

As the event drew to a close, we reflected on the invaluable knowledge shared and the exciting future of UV technology. This event was a great opportunity for our distributors to share their feedback with Mr. He on how Jiuri can improve their services and communication.

Overall, our Distributor's Day event was essential for strengthening our relationships with our distributors and aligning our vision and objectives. We look forward to many more events like this in the future!


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