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Dr. Liangyu Hawkes

Our Objective

Anstar was created with the goal of building a bridge between the strong production capabilities of the East and the advanced markets of the West. 

Our core strength and focus are rooted in the enduring partnerships we nurture with both suppliers and customers.  Our highly experienced and dedicated team at Anstar is the cornerstone of our success, ensuring the delivery of high-quality raw materials and exceptional customer service.

We are committed to servicing a variety of industries, with an emphasis on technical excellence, continuous innovation and transparency. 


At Your Service

Dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality and sustainably sourced raw materials, complemented by exceptional technical service and support

Founder & CEO

Dr. Liangyu Hawkes

Technical Sales Manager

Matthew Tucker

Technical Sales Manager

Aaqib Zahoor

Technical Sales Manager

Henry Spurr

Commercial Sales Assistant

Penny Barker

Executive Assistant

Chardae Campbell-Ryce

Finance & Operations

Anan Hawkes

Our Team

Our Timeline


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